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A picture of the designer of little monkeys, working.


Welcome to Little Monkeys. Your destination for kids room design and decor, inspired by a passion for sustainable living, and dedicated to aesthetic lovers everywhere. Come with us as we create, making sure to provide you with the very best selection of newborn gifts, home decor and baby shower goods that make every occasion memorable.


‘Little Monkey’ is the nickname I was given by my dad when I was younger than I care to remember. I couldn’t bring myself to choose any other name for the workshop, no matter how funny it sounds, as this word brings to mind the laughter, games, naughty endeavors and the hugs that have marked my childhood; when I would hang from my father’s shoulders like a true monkey myself. After the birth of my dear son, the little monkeys became two.

In this workshop, we spend our time constructing imaginative and innovative decorations for kids and adults alike. We are inspired by nostalgia while remaining fashionable, clean, cool and at the same time timeless. We try to see the world through the eyes of a child -the only way it is supposed to be seen- as we love their imagination, evident emotions, the surprise in their eyes, and their tireless curiosity. Using natural and organic materials that respect our planet, the fabrics and yarns we choose are ethically woven and dyed. We work with respect for our little friends –our main source of inspiration- and the environment we hope will nurture future generations.

With our foraged aesthetic, and earthy materials as our main features, here at ‘Little Monkeys’ we want to bring you back basics and help you enjoy the simplicity and quality that is so rare in this digital age

A picture of the designer of little monkeys with her own mr lion when she was little.
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