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A standing mother holding her baby and our decorative mr. lion in a wall.


JANUARY 02, 2020

We all have them: the memories of our childhood. Memories of our favorite toys, our favorite blanket, our favorite bedtime story.

The best part is that no one can take away the memories. They are with you forever.

The best memories are created in that close playful and warm family feeling. The kind of sweet, timeless, togetherness feeling.

The family feeling is very important to us. It is the one that inspires us in the way we design and the desire we have for our products. The desire for functionality and long-lasting materials.


As a mother myself, I would never use on my products materials that I wouldn’t use on my son.


Our variation of items is certified organic, made of recycled materials, vegetable-tanned or from natural sources.

Therefore, the exclusive use of organic cotton, linen fabrics, and bamboo filling is a choice I stand by that represents the company’s ethics, highlighting the ‘quality over quantity’ policy everyone here at Little Monkeys lives by.

Of course, quality products do cost a little more to buy however they will last longer and will also have for that very reason a much smaller carbon footprint.

After all 

“Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten.”​

Here at Little Monkeys, always in harmony with nature, and of course great humor, we make sure to provide you with the very best selection of sustainable fashion and original design.

We aim for our designs to be an important part of your living, home decor, and functionality on this long life journey you just started with your very own little monkey.


                                             Flu Nova


FEBRUARY 14, 2021

When things are at their worst, we can always count on moms to be at their best.

And as the world around us has slowed down, we mothers are busier than ever.

A mother during the pandemic is cooking three meals a day. She is supervising online learning. And all that, while still working our regular jobs, planning grocery runs or pickups to avoid bringing coronavirus into our homes.

Some of us are pregnant and worried about giving birth to our children in the middle of a pandemic. Some new mothers are in the beginning of their journey, breastfeeding day and night, or giving formula day and night, it doesn’t matter. Some moms are dealing with miscarriage or are hitting bumps along the road of conceiving a child.

We are trying to deal with our emotions, hormones, and the demands of motherhood. We are trying to keep a toddler busy in a creative way. And yes, there may be days when our patience and tiredness gets the best of us, and the day comes to an end we feel guilty because we let them  watch TV for longer than the appropriate time.  

Meanwhile, we are trying to find some time for ourselves. Have a long bath, put some lotion on, listen to our favourite songs, read a book in piece and quiet. Or just drink our coffee hot.

But just for a moment stop, mama.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and look at your babies. Look what an important job you are doing. You’ve reached down, pulled up those big girl panties, and given every last bit of yourself to make sure your kids are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Because as mothers, we can recognise in our children the purest form of love, as they are made up from it. They live and breathe love.

We, mothers have the power and opportunity to increase the flow of love and compassion, and empathy around the whole world. With every kiss, every cuddle, every thoughtful response.

And during this time, when we are told to stay apart, our children will find out that somehow we’ve all come a little closer. So that one day, when this “new normal” goes back to normal, they won’t remember panic or fear, but love and security. And they will tell stories of how in the spring of 2021 they played new games you’ve made up. They will talk about the fun movie nights,  the cooking desserts together, the uninterrupted family dinners, the long-lasting hugs. 

Because the world keeps spinning and it is fuelled by “the greatest and most powerful force in all this world: a gentle mother”.

For all that,

Thank you, beautiful mama. Just for being you.


Flu Nova

Pregnancy greeting card.
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